Mapping the American Century


Project Background

Mapping the American Century showcases collections that were created by graduate students from the American Studies program at Radboud University, the Netherlands. Based on research in Dutch, German, and American archives, these collections reveal new sources, stories, and images or offer original takes on existing debates.

We hope that the exhibit will inspire students and scholars of American and Transatlantic Studies and everyone else who is interested in European culture and the global presence of the United States.

The webpage is tied to the course “Practices of Transatlantic Studies”, taught by Americanist and historian Jorrit van den Berk, who is also the general editor of the webpage. Do feel free to reach out at


The collections presented on this webpage were created by:

The 2020-2021 cohort

Marissa Aarts

Pauline Bewermeier

Nikki van den Bogaard

Lisette Brussee

Robbie den Daas

Maaike Duenk

Meggie van der Heiden

Adaja Klijnstra

Jacqueline Knobben

Yara Koedam

Loes Koenders

Lukas Kokke

Nikita Krouwel

Nick de Lange

Barbara Libeaut

Milan Lobik

Jeroen Minheere

Bavo Oost

Wouter Peer

Roos Schoute

Bente Schramowski

Tim Smink

Femke Verbeek

Koen de Visscher

Jolien van der Vries

Fleur Wesselink

Master’s program Transatlantic Studies


Radboud University at Nijmegen, the Netherlands, offers an MA program in American Studies with a specialization in Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics. This interdisciplinary program prepares students for careers in international and transcultural environments, including NGO’s, business, government, culture, and education. Want to know more?

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